Yves Béhar’s fuseproject Announce Collaboration and Launch of Yoshino — The World’s First Solid-State Portable Power Station

Fuseproject and Yoshino have created a groundbreaking design experience in renewable, portable power. Yoshino’s products are a giant leap forward in battery technology with a quicker, longer-lasting solid-state battery combined with a lightweight, efficient design.

San Francisco, November 14, 2023 — Yves Béhar and fuseproject debut their design collaboration with Yoshino, a new brand leading in solid-state portable power technology. Yoshino pushes the boundaries of energy storage technology with a family of highly-portable battery stations—offering consumers a safe and sustainable alternative to fossil fuels, generators and liquid electrolyte lithium-ion batteries. 

Yoshino tapped fuseproject to design a comprehensive four-unit product offering including industrial design, user interface, brand identity, and packaging. 

“Yoshino entrusted the fuseproject team to completely recast what a battery power station design and brand could be. In developing the Yoshino offering, we focused on positioning Yoshino as a green energy company advancing the portable power category.''
​ —Yves Béhar, Founder, fuseproject

Drawing inspiration from bees — a symbol of nature, hard work, and nonstop energy — fuseproject reimagined the bee’s form as a hexagon, a symbol of modularity and power that shows up across the product including venting ports, carrying strap attachments, the base pads, and the UI design. The brand’s bold geometry, use of materials and color palette signals energy, confidence, and preparedness. 

For the design of the Solid-State Portable Power Station and the Solid-State Solar Generator, fuseproject identified an opportunity to design a line of power stations that present less like a tool and more like a lifestyle product.

“Many power stations and generators have a traditionally masculine and technical appearance. When Yoshino presented us with the advanced and compact battery technology, we made the decision to push the design towards a more lifestyle-oriented approach, addressing diverse and flexible needs.” ​
– Qin Li, Vice President of Design, fuseproject

Yoshino’s design signature is a sleek and strong metal handle that forms a continuous band and can wrap vertically or horizontally around the shell. This ergonomic handle runs the length of each unit, making it easy to pick up and move. A dynamic, angular geometry accentuates power and conveys a stable form. Lastly, a shatterproof and water resistant interface extends the cohesive aesthetic of Yoshino’s product family. 

Weighing 50% less than the competition, Yoshino elegantly-designed power stations feature built-in LED light, AC, DC, and USB outputs to power gadgets and keep devices charged on the go and can recharge from 0-80% in under an hour. ​ Ideally suited for backyard movie nights, off-road camping, remote working and emergency preparedness, the Yoshino Solid-State Portable Power Station offers sustainable, on-demand energy wherever needed. 

About fuseproject 

fuseproject was founded in 1999 by Swiss designer, entrepreneur and educator, Yves Béhar. The multidisciplinary design studio collaborates with partners globally to deliver category-changing products and first to the world experiences in areas ranging from mobility, healthcare, robotics, beauty, consumer goods, the smart home and beyond. Notable fuseproject collaborations include innovative partnerships with Herman Miller, TELO Trucks, Samsung, Prada, Puma, Issey Miyake, SodaStream, Nivea, L'Oreal, and The Ocean Cleanup. Fuseproject's work is in museums worldwide, including the MoMA, V&A, and the Pompidou Center. Yves Béhar is a frequent speaker on design, entrepreneurship, innovation, and sustainability. Visit fuseproject online at www.fuseproject.com.





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About fuseproject

fuseproject is a multidisciplinary, first-in-category firm, built on Yves Béhar’s belief that integrated product, digital and brand design are at the cornerstone of any business and that design can be a force for positive social and environmental change. The studio’s work spans from designing full environments, to robotics, smart-home technology, and wellness equipment, as well as humanitarian and non-profit projects.


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