Yves Béhar's fuseproject and SUNFLOW Design Elevated Beach Chair

Compact, comfortable, easy-to-carry, and expertly-engineered chair offers 4 positions for lounging, napping, reading, and more

Finding a chair that is easy to pack, light to transport, made of high-quality materials, and designed for durability can be a challenging process. Alongside SUNFLOW, a retail company bringing innovative outdoor accessories to consumers, fuseproject designed a portable, stylish, and durable outdoor chair suitable for relaxing and lounging anywhere.

Developed through two years of collaboration between fuseproject and SUNFLOW, the innovative SUNFLOW Chair folds down easily when not in use and can be carried like a backpack by a pair of comfortable, detachable straps. Portability is central to its convenience, enabling users to free their hands for carrying other items to their destination. The SUNFLOW Chair folds into a very compact shape while still retaining a fluid and streamlined silhouette. It has the ability to compress itself to a third of its fully expanded size through the use of several folding and telescoping mechanisms. When open, the parts are connected in a continuous form by slim but strong flat tubing. A simple main switch requiring only one movement is used to fold and unfold the chair. This same switch then allows users to adjust their level of relaxation across four levels of reclined tilt, ranging from completely upfront to nearly flat.

The gentle curves of the frame make it incredibly sturdy and are formed to cradle users in a hammock-like seat. This innovative beach chair draws upon fuseproject’s years of experience reimagining high-performance task chairs with Herman Miller for the office environment to inform the right seat proportions and geometry. Designed with a high back, the SUNFLOW Chair is ideal for reclining and resting the head comfortably. Its high-quality and thick aluminum extrusions have protective coating, lending itself to last for more than 10 years of use--significantly longer than low-quality beach chairs. A tightly woven and weatherproof fabric seat, suspended between the rails, creates the visual cradle for comfort and relaxation. ​

The chair itself is a modular platform with three main accessories that can be snapped onto the chair frame depending on one’s needs. There is a dry bag attachment to protect beverages, phones, sunglasses, and the like from sand and water. An articulated sunshade that deploys over the top of the chair keeps users out of direct sunlight on scorching hot days. And an adjustable drink holder accommodates a range of beverages, from skinny energy drink cans to wide-bodied water bottles.

The SUNFLOW Chair features recycled materials and water-resistant marine fabrics. On hot summer days, the Sun Shade, made with UPF 50+ fabric, can be attached to the chair to block out 98% of harmful ultraviolet rays. Meanwhile, rust-resistant aluminum tubing protects the chair from the natural elements, including salt water and mold. The suspended, singular piece of fabric used for the seat comes in a wide range of colors and patterns for extra personality. Its clean, minimal and iconic side profile is expressed through a continuous gesture that brings a modern sensibility and comfortable seating to the beach.



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fuseproject is a multidisciplinary, first-in-category firm, built on Yves Béhar’s belief that integrated product, digital and brand design are at the cornerstone of any business and that design can be a force for positive social and environmental change. The studio’s work spans from designing full environments, to robotics, smart-home technology, and wellness equipment, as well as humanitarian and non-profit projects.


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